Dutch Courses

Dutch for beginners

This beginners course is a practical course. You will learn Dutch in a fun and relaxed environment. We meet at a location of your choice. This could be in a café, a restaurant, the library (formerly prison!) or a museum. It’s up to you! I will give you some handy phrases to start with and off we go! You will choose the activity during which you want to practice your new knowledge. For example we can go shopping, take a walk through town, drink coffee (or beer), go the market or a cultural event. I could give you a free tour of Leeuwarden in the process! Do you already speak a little bit of Dutch? In that case we will also focus on writing, listening and reading. The location to be agreed upon.

Customized language sessions

Do you want to do a Dutch language training that is adapted to your own level, needs and preferences? Then you should choose a personal training. This kind of training is made to fit your needs exactly. You might learn the language from the point of view of business, or improve your speaking skills, or work further on your Dutch reading and writing. In a personal language training, you work with your very own language instructor in a one-on-one setting and on the days and times that work best for you.

One-day Dutch intensive course

Spreeknederlandsmetmij offers intensive/immersion courses to give you a good start to learn your new language. In the morning we focus on grammar, syntax and pronunciation. In the afternoon you will be able to practice what you have learnt. This could be during a cultural or social event.

Why would you chose a one-day intensive course:

    • You want to learn to communicate effectively in Dutch in a short period of time
    • You have a specific goal and want to work towards this
    • You immediately want to put into practice what you have learnt

Online sessions

Are you visiting the Netherlands shortly or start employment at a Dutch company? Too busy to go to class? Spreeknederlandsmetmij offers skype sessions to prepare yourself for a visit or life in the Netherlands.

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