Learn Dutch the fun way!

Learn Dutch the way you want it. No boring classroom filled to the brim with students and where you are being put behind a computer. My lessons are flexible, no pressure, fun, interesting, social and focused on your personal goals.


Learn Dutch the way you want it!

Dutch courses at SpreekNederlandsmetmij.com

Dutch courses

Practical courses for beginners and the more advanced speakers of Dutch. You will learn Dutch in a fun and relaxed environment. No pressure!

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In Company Courses at SpreekNederlandsmetmij.com

In Company courses

Are you an international or a group of internationals wanting to learn business Dutch? I offer in-company business Dutch courses to international companies.

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Engelse taaltrainingen volgen bij SpreekNederlandsmetmij.com

Engelse taaltrainingen

Ik geef ook Engelse taaltrainingen. Wil je graag Engels beter leren spreken? Dan kom ik graag met je in contact.

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Learn better Dutch

Are you an international and just arrived in town? Do you want to feel more comfortable socializing in Dutch? Would you like to learn useful Dutch or the specific jargon needed for work?

If the answer is ‘yes’, a Dutch language course at Spreeknederlandsmetmij is the ideal way to make you really feel at home or speak better Dutch at work. Courses can be customized completely according to your wishes. This varies from learning as you go along in real life situations to lessons in a classroom situation should you prefer this. Always backed up with the grammar you might need.

8 Tips for learning a new language

    • Create your own dictionary. Write down the words you don’t know and repeat these regularly.
    • Write down words and/or situations you come across which need explanation and clarification. Discuss these with you tutor.
    • “Link language to lifestyle”. Connect your lifestyle to the Dutch language. For example: while you’re drinking coffee, read a Dutch newspaper, listen to Dutch radio while cooking and watch Dutch tv programmes.
    • Yellow post-it pads. Stick yellow post-it pads with the Dutch translation on various items throughout your house.
    • Tell Dutch people to speak to you in Dutch. This will be hard for them as most Dutch people like to speak English!
    • Make pictures or recordings of situations and discuss them with your tutor.
    • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! It’s all part of learning a new language.
    • Don’t take things too seriously, most of all have fun!


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